Creating Difference Together..!!

"Lonari Samaj Melava" at Pandharpur on the occasion of 75th birthday of Lonari Pitamah Shri.Vishnupant Lonari (Dadare).

Venue- Pune Lonari Samaj Dharmshala.
Date- 9-9-2007
Time- 2-5:30 PM

Outline of decisions :

*The date for the function has been finalized on 23rd December 2007. The function will be of one day with two sessions. The list of guests to be invited has been made (All politicians!) Guests available on the fixed date will be invited

*TATA INDICA car will be gifted to Shri.Dadare. The funds for the car will be generated by Lonari community people from Mumbai.

*Pune community has taken the responsibility of printing Pamphlets, banners etc. and the distribution will be done by Mumbai community. Funds required for conducting the whole function would be collected and beared by Pune, Solapur, Satara and other Lonari community regions.

*In order to avoid burdening of responsibilities and smooth functioning transporatation and lunch has to be arranged by people on their own. No arrangements would be done by the organizers

*Shri. Vishnupant Lonari (Dadare) has devoted his lifetime for the benefit of Lonari community. So the main focus of the function will remain on him and the other programmes have been arranged on its occasion

Brief summary :

The meeting was attended by over 75 people across Mumbai, pune, aurangabad, jalana, satara and representatives from other region. Absence of young people and women was clearly noticeable. But considering the breadth of decisions taken, the meeting was highly successful. 

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